Using Spray Paint To Achieve The Luxe, Metallic Trend

Previously silver lamp base spray painted in Rust-Oleum spray paint in gold. Black Ikea 'Ribba' picture frame also in Rust-Oleum gold. Previously white plastic shoe rack spray painted in Rust-Oleum in copper.  

Previously silver lamp base spray painted in Rust-Oleum spray paint in gold. Black Ikea 'Ribba' picture frame also in Rust-Oleum gold. Previously white plastic shoe rack spray painted in Rust-Oleum in copper. 

The metallics trend within interiors has been really popular for a long while now, and with good reason. Elements of brass, shiny gold and copper add a glamorous feel to your interiors and work especially well against a dark backdrop of inky blues and dark greys, both of which have also been having their renaissance period thanks to designers like Abigail Ahern and the popularity of Farrow and Balls 'Railings' and 'Downpipe' paint. Starting off in lighting (it's my opinion that Tom Dixon's large copper pendants kicked off the metallic trend) metallics have trickled down into multiple products including candle holders, cutlery and decorative objects.

I am a HUGE fan of metallics and I always want to inject them into my home as much as possible without it costing me a lot of money. Luckily, this can easily be done with spray paint which is available at nearly all DIY stores and craft shops. Spray painting is easier than you'd expect and it is quite hard to get it wrong. The result is also more polished than you'd imagine and it can make items look like they were always that colour - not that you'd done a quick DIY job on them!

Look at what you have in your home that you are not overly keen on, and what would look better in copper or gold. When designing my bedroom i wanted an Art Deco, Hollywood glamour feel. I had an old silver lamp base with a bog standard white shade that would work perfectly in the room, if only it was gold rather than silver!  For £10 i purchased Rust-Oleum's spray paint in gold and spray painted the lamp base. For an extra Art Deco touch I added some black ribbon around the top and bottom of the white shade, fixing with superglue. You can see the results of this above. Ta-Da! An on trend gold floor lamp made out of an old lamp base I already owned.

If you do not have anything to hand that you would like to turn metallic, think of what you need in your home and buy wisely with the intention to spray paint. In my hallway I have a beautiful copper hook for coats and I wanted a small shoe rack to match. Natch, i headed over to IKEA and purchased a £4 shoe rack, which i spray painted copper.

If you have small metallic projects such as photo frames you can buy half size spray paint cans for a fiver.  These small cans are perfect for adding a more modern update to chrome fixtures and fittings.

When spray painting, follow these steps for the best result (and to avoid any DIY disasters!)

  • Tape up any part of the item you do not want metallic with budget masking tape. For my floor lamp I covered the electrical cord and lightbulb insert. Spray paint dries super quick - there is no time to clean or wipe off areas you do not want painted.
  • Always spray items outside, never inside, as not only does spray paint have strong fumes, the paint speckles travel far and can get everywhere! It's also advisable to cover the immediate outside floor space with old towels or newspaper as the spray paint will take to even concrete (which does wash off eventually in the rain but can take a good few weeks.)
  • Hold the can about 30cm away from the item and do multiple light coats, waiting about 15-20 minutes between each coat. Multiple light coats work way better that a few heavy coats that can lead to the paint running and dripping. Make sure you cover the surface evenly.

Once you have nailed it, I swear anything that isn't pinned down (or even if it is!) you'll be wanting to spray it! If metallics are not really your thing you'll be pleased to hear that spray paint comes in a huge range of colours and finishes including super bright neon.

Happy spraying!