My Appeal To Get You To Vote For Me In The Amara Blog Awards 2016 [*UPDATE!!* I'M IN!!!!!!!!]

If you follow me on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, you may have already seen me campaigning the past few weeks to get you to vote for me in the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2016. I was absolutely honoured to be nominated in this years awards under the DIY category, especially as this little blog has only been going for 5 months, and I'm still tweaking and building the site every day! The thing is, now I've been nominated, I've got a taste for it and I REALLY BLOODY WANT to get onto the shortlist and have my blog assessed by the judges! To do that, I need to get enough votes from YOU, my lovely readers. Looking at the other 30 blogs in my category, they are flippin' amazing, have been going for ages, have a huge number of followers and some even have book deals!?!? As you can imagine, I don't expect I'll have a hope in hells chance of getting anywhere unless I plead for your votes! So, here is my grovelly plea (are you ready?) This is my case as to why I'd love you to take two seconds out to vote for me in the Best DIY & Crafts Blog....

All the interior craft and DIY that I write about on my blog is carried out by me - no tradesmen, no immediate family members doing the tough work, no working with qualified Interior Designers, no hired photographers for the 'after' shots. All the ideas, sourcing and the graft I carry out in my spare time. Everything I blog about I do from start to finish!

My blog is completely about interiors - No travel, no lifestyle posts, no fashion with a little interiors thrown in - interiors and DIY are my passion and that's what my blog is about. It is the Interior blog Awards after all, right??

So there you go - there is my plea! If you would like to vote for me then please click here and fill in your name and your email address. If this plea is not enough to convince you - you could win £500 worth of LSA International goods if you enter!

If you vote - thank you, thank you, a million thank yous!!!! If I make the shortlist I'll buy all of you a drink - it's only fair right?

Love, Melanie xx

*UPDATE* Well my bar tab is going to be huge 'cause thanks to you lovely lot I'M IN!!!!!!!!! I've been shortlisted in the final 5 for the Best DIY & Craft Blog and I am absolutely over the moon about it!! The day of the results I just thought I had no chance so wasn't online at 12 noon waiting for the shortlist to come through. When my phone started getting loads of Twitter notifications and I saw I was shortlisted I literally couldn't have been happier. This blog has only been going for 6 months, and I started it just out of a love of interiors and DIY. I didn't think that anyone apart from my mum and my best mate would bother reading it, so to have everyone vote for me has just been brilliant. Without going all 'X Factor sob story', the past few years have been the hardest and most challenging of my life, so to be shortlisted in the 'Oscars of the Interior world' (I read that somewhere!) has injected back a lot of lost confidence in myself. Thank you so much if you voted for me. If you did vote for me, when you next see me, please do hold me to that drink!

The awards are being held on the 20th October at a plush London hotel. I'm up against four other amazing, established blogs. The first is Swoon Worthy, which I just love reading. The way Kimberly writes is so engaging. I even recently watched a live webinar with Kimberly from Swoon Worthy on how to create a successful blog, and now I'm up against her for an award, which is just ridiculous! I can't get my head around that. Second is Style Made Simple, which I also read and follow on Instagram. Victoria who runs the blog is a real pro in the interiors and blogging game, so again I am just in awe that i'm shortlisted with her. Third is The Dainty Dress Diaries, run by Catherine, which is a super-cute shabby chic blog with upcycling and craft projects. I hadn't read it before but am enjoying it now! Then last is Tales From A Happy House by Gillian, which features such beautiful photography and a whole heap of amazing craft ideas i've bookmarked a bunch to try out myself.

So thank you. Thank you. And do hold me to that drink. xx