Classy Christmas - The Best Xmas Decor & Homeware for Interior Lovers

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In recent years there has been a real focus on the kitsch of Christmas: Flamingo and Pineapple baubles, the 'return' of tinsel as an acceptable Christmas decoration, and let's not even get started on the abundance of drinks trolleys. Yet decorating your home at Christmas need not all be about trend-led decor. Instead, I've picked out my favourite Christmas decor and homeware items which fall under my category of 'Classy Christmas'. These pieces may not be the cheapest, but they are beautiful, investment pieces that will stand the test of time and you'll lovingly get them out each winter for years to come. They also make the absolute BEST presents for interior and design lovers at Christmas.  

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Neve Yves Delorme

Forget an imprint of Santa's face, or stag prints on tartan, this collection of bed linen by the Parisian linen company Yves Delorme, called 'Neve', is a delicate, subtle reference to Christmas. The hand-stitched design is sophisticated and tasteful , making this bed linen collection perfect for cosying down in during the winter months.

neve yves delorme

I first heard of Yves Delorme from a fashion and textiles designer friend (so basically, she knows her stuff). She had brought some Yves Delorme bed linen on a whim and was completely in love with it. She said it was the best linen she had ever slept in and it also washed up a treat, which is no surprise considering Yves Delorme's traditional linen, percale, cotton sateen, jacquard and sateen damask fabric is still made in France, with all embroidery being hand-stitched. 

Yves Delorme Embroidery

The history of Yves Delorme goes back to 1845, and it is quite charming to learn that even today it is still a family owned company. Linen designs range from the bold and floral, such as the current Bouquets and Paysage collections, through to the ever popular classic collections such as Athena with it's simple, clean lines.

Dear Santa, please let me have this silk bed throw for Xmas. This would make me a very happy woman. Love, Melanie.

Dear Santa, please let me have this silk bed throw for Xmas. This would make me a very happy woman. Love, Melanie.

I recently popped down to the new Walton Street store to take a look at the linen for myself, and it was a real treat to visit. The street has to be one of the prettiest shopping areas in London with its terraced stores lining the road, which is perfect for that classic London Christmas shopping experience. Yves Delorme is also available at the Monogrammed Linen Shop, so if you buy any of their linen here you can get it personalised with a name or initials, and who wouldn't want that as a special Christmas gift???

The Yves Delorme Monogrammed linen shop, 158 Walton Street, London.

The Yves Delorme Monogrammed linen shop, 158 Walton Street, London.

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rory dobner

You may recognise the beautiful illustrative ink designs of Rory Dobner. His intricate drawings usually grace beautiful bone china plates in Liberty, but for Christmas he has created some hand-made baubles with some festive designs. The 'christ-mouse' in the wind if my personal favourite!

Hand-made baubles (designed and made in England), Rory Dober, £27 each.

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Not just for Christmas! This beautiful artwork by Louise McNaught, available via Rise Art, can be hung in the home all year round, although it would come into its own during the winter months. 

Stay True print by Louise McNaught, edition of 50, £200 via Rise Art.

Wedgewood baubles

In their signature pale blue and creamy white, these porcelain tree decoration by Wedgwood are the sort of decorations that get passed down the generations. Just make sure you stick it at the top of the tree away from excitable pets and present-hungry children!

Wedgwood baubles, £35 each, Selfridges.

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I have these in my home this year for Christmas and they are just beautiful! Place them on shelves, around the fireplace or outside your front door for a sophisticated take on the 'twinkle twinkle little star' scheme. 

Star tea light holders, £29.95 for the small, £44.95 for the large, Mint & May.

lsa international
lsa international

Christmas really is the time when you re-evaluate your glassware. No-one wants to have their prosecco out of tumblers at Christmas as you've run out of champagne flutes for everyone. LSA International still leads the way with glassware in terms of design and quality, and with these Deco flutes it's not hard to see why.

Deco flutes, LSA International, £75 for 8.


* This post is a collaboration with Yves Delorme, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I really do love all these products, and want to share them with you, my lovely readers! All photography except inside the Yves Delorme store has kindly been provided by the aforementioned brands.