How I Chose The Right Rug For My Room With A Modern Rug From Woven

woven modern rug

After the redecoration of my sitting room was completed in four short weeks with Revamp Restyle Reveal, in the time that followed one of the things that I wished I had changed in the room was getting in a new rug. What remained in the room was a plain, small piece of high-pile rug just in front of the fire which was only put there in the first place so the dog could lay in front of the log burner in comfort. It looked dull, a bit worn and out-of-place in the shiny new room. I decided it was time for an upgrade.

woven modern rug

I never used to be an overly 'rug person.' Yes, stick one on the floor between the sofa and the TV, put something fluffy by the side of the bed if your bedroom has hard floors, but in the past couple of years I've realised that they are central and key to most successful room designs. I tell clients to place them over carpets as a budget way to transform a space, layer different rugs with others in a particularly large area to create interest, even stick outdoor rugs outside to define a cozy, relaxing exterior space. If a room feels empty or bare, it is textiles like rugs, cushions and throws and that will make it feel warm and like a home should feel.

woven modern rug

By chance I was contacted by Woven, a rug company I had been reading about in this months Living Etc magazine (they are currently doing a fab range of outdoor rugs by Patricia Urquiola for GAN.) They posed the question: if you could pick a rug from our extensive range for your new room, what one would you choose? Not as easy a question to answer as it seems - Woven sell a range of rugs by brands and designers that I didn't even know sold rugs - Bluebellgray, Ted Baker and Wedgwood in particular. Prices range from as low as £59 and can go up to as much as £11k (yes, you read that right, 11k!!) The rugs are a mix of styles, yet have a basis in modern, Scandi & designer. I am so much into more modern-looking rugs right now. Beni rugs, as nice as they are, have been everywhere the past few years and I think they have had their day. The future of rugs can be found in geometric abstract shapes in block colours, splattered patterns, detail-heavy designs and anything that looks like it could be hanging in a gallery for modern art. Luckily, Woven carry all these styles so I had a real job on my hands picking the right one for my home! In the end, I filtered down the winning design using a few simple selection steps. Take a look at my 'key contenders' below and find out how you can get 20% off at Woven with an exclusive discount code!

Existing Room.png
Room Colourways.png
Woven Segments Rug.png

The newly decorated room has soft grey walls, a statement velvet blue armchair and metallic gold accents through the lighting and the large circular mirror above the fireplace. The new rug needed to tie into this colour scheme, so I could go neutral, or choose a rug featuring any of these colours. First of all I filtered the rugs on the Woven website by 'grey' and spotted this beautiful geometric rug by Harlequin. Being a huge fan of Harlequin anyway (their wallpaper adorns the alcove shelving of the bookcase in the room) it was no surprise it was an instant favourite as soon as I saw it. I love the range of shapes on the rug, yet I was unsure of inserting a new colour into the room with the pink that features heavily in the design. The grey/blue/gold/white was already working well for the space and I didn't really want to throw another colour into the mix, so I decided to not stray away from the core colours already in use. I absolutely love this rug though and it would work perfectly in the TV snug area, so I'm bookmarking it for another day!

Segments by Harlequin in Taupe, £415 for a 200cm x 140cm rug (also available in a larger size), Woven.

This Linie Design rug stopped me in my tracks as it is so damn cool. I love the pastel colours which feature a lot of grey and blue. The design is like some amazing pretty-coloured vortex (or dartboard). Yet at 90cm circumference it was too small for the room and would not work with the rooms rectangular shape. When measuring for a rug make sure that you don't purchase a rug that is too small. Get a rug that needs to be tucked under chairs or a sofa. Slightly bigger for the space is better than just too small. If you are buying a rug for under a table, make sure that it is large enough that the table and the chairs can fit on it comfortably and the chairs do not catch on the edge when tucking them in or out from the table. A circular rug is perfect if you have a table the same shape being placed centrally to it, or if your room is not a traditional rectangular shape.

Universe by Linie Design, 90cm, £1470, Woven.

ted baker rug at woven.png

This Oak Leaf rug by Morris & Co makes a beautiful traditional-style rug that would be perfect in a classic English home. I really considered it for the room, but with my lighting and wallpaper being more contemporary, I decided to go with something a bit edgier in pattern.


Oak Leaf Blue by Morris & Co, £489 for a £140 x £200 rug (larger sizes available), Woven.

universe rug woven.png

So, I was now concentrating on a rectangular rug and this Ted Baker number gave me all the feels as it has so many things I love in the design that I like to feature in my interiors, like birds, butterflies and flowers. This rug is made from a high-pile mix of wool and tencel and so it was here that I had to be practical and think about how the floor is used in my room. The sitting room is an entrance room that you walk through to get to the TV snug, so it is a high-traffic area. I thought that a much lower pile would suit the space as higher pile is more suited to areas where levels of comfort are important like the bedroom and by the sofa. I also did not want any accidents of people tripping up over the raised edges as they continuously walked through the room, so low pile was in-order for this space.

Gorse rug by Ted Baker, £995 for 170x230cm (larger size also available), Woven.


oak leaf woven

So what did I go for in the end? The answer is this GORGEOUS Louis De Poortere rug from the Mad Men collection. It ticked all the right boxes and I am completely in love with it. First of all, the small teal shimmers woven in the design complement my blue velvet armchair perfectly, while a more neutral base works with the room rather than overtake it.

woven modern rug
woven modern rug

The rectangular shape sits comfortably between the fireplace and the shelving the opposite side of the room, while the contemporary design  suits the rooms decor scheme, working perfectly with the gold-flecked wallpaper on the back of the bookcase.

woven modern rug
woven modern rug

This Mad Men Griff rug is a cotton/polyester mix so sits low on the floor, making it perfect for the high-traffic area and easy to clean:

woven modern rug
woven modern rug

Prices start at £68 for this rug (60 x 90 cm) which I think is a steal for such a contemporary design. My rug in this room is 140cm x 200cm and is £354, which I actually think is great value as the rug is really good quality.

woven modern rug

So what do you think? Did I make the right choice?? Let me know in the comments section below! Also, to get your hands on a fabulous Woven rug with 20% off, just enter the discount code MELANIE20 at checkout!

* This post is a paid collaboration with Woven. All thoughts, opinions and highlighted rugs in this post have been chosen by me. As usual, I would NEVER feature a product in my home that I did not like, nor try and convince you otherwise.