Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Composite Deck With Trex Pro Installers & Landscapers The Greenkeeper

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So, our new composite deck is complete! Landscapers The Greenkeeper spent two weeks dismantling our rotten timber deck, building new framework and installing Trex deck boards and accompanying railing. If you missed the big reveal then you can find it here. If you want to see the build process then click here. Otherwise, I spent a lot of time chatting to The Greenkeeper during the deck build and it was a real eye-opener to how the innovative product of composite deck is revolutionising our exteriors. With its zero-maintenance appeal and eco-credentials, it is the perfect product for the time-poor consumer who would prefer to invest in sustainable materials within their home. I thought it would be interesting to do a Q&A with The Greenkeeper to find out all about how they came to be Trex Pro installers, and why they think that Trex is the future of decking, especially in the UK....

Who are you & what do you do?

We are a landscaping company who would create and install your dream garden, whether it be decking, patios, lawns, beds, etc.

How did you become Trex Pro installers?

A customer requested that we install some composite decking for them. We came across Trex while visiting a composite deck supplier and we absolutely loved it. We installed it and the client loved it too, so we started researching into Trex and learning about all its advantages and we went from there. We started doing training days with Trex, creating more builds with their product. They came along and inspected our work, making sure it was completed to their high standards, before they accredited us as approved Trex installers. We've now been Trex Pro installers in the UK for 4 years, as well as general landscaping company for 13 years.

the greenkeeper trex pro installers

Why did you think Trex was so good?

As well as Trex, we have installed other composite deck brands at the request of our customers. The truth is that they were just no-where near as good in terms of quality as Trex. Trex stands shoulders above other composite deck brands - they are premier league. They have so many colour options, complementary accessories and clever fixtures and fixings. The hidden fastener fixings (a plug the same colour and grain of the wood so you cannot see where a drill hole has been made) are particularly desirable as other brands just tend to use colour-matched screw-heads, which are completely visible. For us, Trex are the original composite deck brand and the best at what they do.

Do you see composite deck as the future of decking in the UK?

Definitely. 80% of the UK market is still timber-based and we think this will dramatically change as people become more aware of composite decking. Composite deck is the perfect product for UK customers due to the weather. Our wet, damp conditions mean that a timber deck is so open to algae, rot and decay. A brand new timber deck could need to be replaced in 5 years if it has been exposed to the elements. With Trex, you have a 25 year guarantee that it will not rot away nor lose its colour. Even if you have a well installed, well maintained timber deck you are not going to get anywhere near 25 years out of it. With Trex, you do not need to put in or pay for all the maintenance that a timber deck requires. For 25 years you can have a clean, safe deck (composite deck is not slippery like timber deck) all year round without having to constantly treat it with special protectors and stains.

the greenkeeper trex pro installers

Is composite deck best for commercial or residential properties?

Both. It's non-slip, you can clean it easily (Trex does not have the deep grooves you find with timber deck, making it easy to clean), you will not get splinters, and it's anti-stain. This makes it a great choice for businesses such as golf clubs and restaurants as well as family homes with pets and children.

Can you tell me about the eco-credentials?

Sustainability is so important and the great thing with Trex is that it is mostly made from recycled goods. 95% of Trex deck boards are made from recycled plastic and timber, giving them their strong, rock-like structure. Other composite deck boards are actually hollow, or grooved a bit more on the underside so they are more shell-like.

the greenkeeper trex pro installers

Why are The Greenkeeper and Trex so compatible?

We pay attention to detail, just like Trex do. For Trex, the customer is the number 1 priority, the same as it is for us. Trex provide a top-quality product and we can advise the customer on Trex, as well as provide them with an excellent design and installation service. 

the greenkeeper trex pro installers
the greenkeeper trex pro installers

If you are thinking about composite decking, then I really would get in touch with The Greenkeeper. I really cannot recommend them enough. They worked tirelessly and you cannot fault a single area of my new deck. It was a real delight to have them over here at the Lissack abode for two weeks and I kind of miss going down the garden to hang out with them! The Greenkeeper work within the M25 and surrounding areas, but will always consider any job within the UK so do contact them if you are interested in their services. Their website is here. Their Instagram can be found here, Twitter here and Facebook page here.

* This post is part of a sponsored collaboration with Trex who supplied all materials and labour for my new deck in exchange for promotional activity. My thoughts and opinions on The Greenkeeper as a company are 100% all my own.