10 Of The Best Shelf Brackets

10 of the best shelf brackets.png

I’ve recently decided to swap around some furniture in my home, which has led to some space becoming available for decorative shelving in an alcove. I have shelves made from marble off-cuts in my bathroom and I love them, so I decided to go down the DYO (Design Your Own) route again and have more marble shelving made (I just amble on down to my local stone yard, flick through their worktop off-cuts and choose a couple of pieces which they cut and polish up for me for a small fee). Marble shelves are definitely a show-stopper, so they need the brackets to not let them down in the style-stakes. I’ve been hunting high and low for the best shelf brackets for sale in the UK the past week for these shelves, so here are my top ten picks!

  1. Modern Brass Bars

brass shelf brackets.png

These brass bars are a contemporary take on shelf brackets. The look is quite industrial, while at the same time subtle, as the bars tuck nicely under the shelf.

£28 for a pair, Cox & Cox

2. Dragonfly brass bracket

dragonfly bracket.jpeg

Anthropologie is a great place to shop for shelf brackets as they always stock something a little bit different to the norm. As well as this pretty dragonfly bracket, which has a quite a feminine edge, check out the Etienne bracket for a sophisticated shape.

Dragonfly bracket, £42 for one bracket, Anthropologie

3. Geometric Lines

geometric lines.jpg

These sturdy hexagonal brackets from Dowsing & Reynolds come in bronze, black and nickel in both a small and medium size, and would work well with a shelf in a dark wood, or with a black tint.

Marlene bracket, starts from £15.99 per bracket, Dowsing & Reynolds

4. Narrow Art Deco

narrow art deco bracket.png

Slim with sharp lines, this bracket provides more interest than a basic two prong bracket without being overly fussy.

Narrow Black Shelf Bracket, £10.90, Suffolk Latch Co

5. Resting Shelves


These interchangeable shelf brackets from Ferm Living allow you to support the shelf from underneath, or have the shelf resting on the inside of the brackets, as pictured above. They come in a wide range of colours and I’m a particular fan of the dusky pink.

Ferm Living brackets, £27.50 for a pair, Connox

6. Mid-Century Sunburst Brackets

sunburst shelf brackets.png

These brackets used to be available at West Elm, but now you can get them online via Amazon. These are the brackets that I have chosen for my shelving at home and I cannot wait to get them up!

Suneven brackets, £25.99 for a pair, Amazon

7. Triangle Ends

triangle shelf brackets.png

These skinny brackets are great if you do not want bulky brackets on your walls blocking any light. Like the Ferm Living brackets, they can be hung multiple ways and come in a range of colours.

Maze Pythagoras brackets, £32, Nordic Nest

8. Skinny Support


Available in black or brass plated, these House Doctor brackets are sleek, yet also feel quite casual in style.

House Doctor, £14.08 for a pair available via Amazon

9. Simple & Stylish


I’m conscious that I’ve not included any chrome brackets in this round up. Chrome is probably my least go-to metal finish, but this gorgeous bracket by House Of Brass is really polished and I love the arch.

Plain Bridge Shelf Bracket, House of Brass, from £9 each

10. Designer Detailing

Screenshot 2019-08-16 at 23.53.56.png

The most ‘designer’ shelf brackets out of the round up, I love how these come in really bold colours and almost wrap themselves around the shelf board.

Set of two, £38.27, via Clippings

If you are using a material like marble which cannot be screwed into a bracket, for security, you need to purchase these little plastic suction pads which can be pushed into the bracket holes. You’re welcome!