Make Your Own Traditional Christmas Door Wreath

I'm delighted to be part of the #swifthomehacks campaign this year! When Swiftcover asked me to share a couple of simple Xmas DIY'S, I knew I had to share how to make a traditional Chirtmas door wreath.  The Christmas  wreath,  like  the  tree,  for me is  a  classic,  integral  part  of  xmas  décor.  I  take  huge  pride  in  my Christmas  wreath,  as  everyone  sees  it  as  they  pass  your  home.  It's also the  first  thing  guests  see  when   they  arrive  for  celebrations!  The  thing  is,  a  pretty  Xmas  wreath  can  often  cost  more  than  buying  the Xmas  tree!  Go  to  a  florist  and   you'll  be  looking  at  £100+  for  anything  detailed.  Even  local  flower markets  charge  a  good  £30-£40  for  a   basic  'real'  wreath  base  with  no  frills.  Yet with  a  bit  of  prep,  a bit  of  foraging  and  a  glue  gun,  you  can   create  a  really  professional-­looking,  real  Xmas  wreath  for  less than  £20.  

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