Can't DIY it Yourself? Design it instead with bespoke furniture from Homeplaneur

You know what it's like when you have an exact image in your head of a piece of furniture or homeware that you need in your home. You scour the shops to find something just right, and sometimes you get close to perfection, but it's the wrong size, or the wrong colour. So many times i've said 'oh that's perfect, but only if it was a bit bigger', or, 'i like it, but if only it came in blue'. Obviously I try and DIY lots of stuff in my home, but there is just some stuff that i'm not capable of making! Beds, cabinets, rugs or tables being some of them! But I'm super fussy and particular, and I often want a say in all the finishing touches of my furniture. That's why when I discovered Homeplaneur, a website that enables you to envision and totally create your furniture to your specification (from the colour to the actual design), I was intrigued. An online 'Do It Yourself' approach, with the end result being Italian branded, highly crafted, fully or pre-assembled furniture delivered right to your door, it sounded such a great concept for people who know exactly what they want, but they just don't know where to find it.

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