British Ceramic Tile's Limited Edition Splashback With Laura Ashley Styled 3 Ways In My Home

If I was to describe my ‘interiors journey’ this year in my home, it would have to be titled “The Year Of The Splashback.” After our cooker packed up the day before last Christmas, the New Year involved a new oven, the ripping out of our old splashback, plus my first DIY tiling experience. My DIY-d splashback was then built over for a stint of filming in the summer, before the ‘fake’ splashback was removed again! The next stage in the journey was to learn that if you require a splashback you need not mess around with tiling, grout, or custom cut-to-size glass or acrylic. Instead, you can purchase them with a self-adhesive backing that sticks straight on your wall from British Ceramic Tile! Now, I like to think that I am pretty savvy on DIY, time-saving and effective interior products like this, but I had NO IDEA you could buy these until British Ceramic Tile got in touch about their new limited edition glass splashback in association with Laura Ashley.

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