Kit Neale for Ikea - A Brief Chat With The Fashion Designer On His SS17 Ltd SPRIDD Collection

If you've got a teenager, a student to kit out before you send them off to uni, or if you are just a fan of bright and trendy prints, then Kit Neale's collaboration with Ikea (on sale next March in the UK) might just be for you. Colourful, bold, and blatantly aimed at the yoof, the 28 year old East London-based fashion designer has worked with Ikea on a limited edition collection titled SPRIDD. The result is a riot of cartoon-like prints of mushrooms, facial features, volcanoes and punctuation marks, with a real early 90's influence. These prints are spread across a range of homeware items such as mugs, plates, cushions and bedlinen, as well as t-shirts, duffel bags and even tents (a first for Ikea).

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