5 Easy Things I've Done To Dramatically Improve The Outside Of My Home

If like me you are addicted to property programmes, you'll no doubt be very aware of the words 'kerb appeal'. For those of you who are not an avid watcher of Kirstie & Phil, 'kerb appeal' is the term given to the instant appeal of your home as you look at it from the street. The more kerb appeal your home has, the more desirable it will be (and more value will be assigned to it if you are looking to sell). Even though I'm not looking to sell my property (we brought the 'dream family home' two years ago, and you'll have to drag me out of it) I try and keep the outside of my home looking as good as the inside. I love to return home and think "yes, I live here, and it's bloody lovely". It's also not that much hard work to take it from looking 'OK' to 'charming'

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