Buy Bespoke Rugs To Perfectly Fit Your Space


Cushions, throws, books, art - all these objects are used to build a room. They stop it from looking bland and sterile, give the room depth and provide that much needed cosy feel. Perhaps the most essential part of this layering in any interior is a rug. Rugs, however, can be quite hard to get right.  Too small and it looks silly and out of place. Too large then you'll most likely be catching the door on it, while most of it will be crumpled up under furniture than on show.

Generally, rugs come in the standard rectangle shape in two, maybe three sizes. Yet with us living in so many different spaces these days (from converted warehouses to tiny city studio flats), standard rug shape and sizes do not suit every home. That's why when Homeplaneur told me about their bespoke rugs - where you can order a rug to your specification in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours - it sounded a great idea.

On the Homeplaneur website, as well as the shape, width and length of the rug, you also pick the rug material, style, colour and pattern in order to make a rug to your exact taste and specification. You have a starting point of sixteen rug styles, and you build your rug from the basic style that appeals to you most.

I chose the Bruges low pile rug as I have a dog, and low pile is a lot easier to clean! The Bruges also has a nice thick edge design which I thought looked quite stylish. I could pick from four different rug shapes, customise the size, then choose the main rug colour from 36 options. I could also pick from a number of different types of edge trim, the colour of that trim as well as the thickness I wanted it to be.

The Bruges low pile is then then completely made start to finish in Lombardy, a manufacturing centre in Italy by an esteemed company. Homeplaneur then deliver it right to your door with free shipping to the United Kingdom! Check out Homplaneur's bespoke rug service here.

* As you might of guessed, this post is sponsored by Homeplaneur. However, I only write about products and brands that I think are cool and of interest to my readers.