The Spring Edit: My New Favourite Discoveries For My Home

I've been wanting to do a section on the blog for a while now where I talk about my new favourite bits and bobs that I've added into my home. Spring feels like the perfect time to start 'The Edit' section as this is the time of year that I really want to give my house a bit of an update, what with lighter evenings and streaming sun finally being a thing again. So here are my fave recent additions, some have kindly been gifted to me, others I've brought with my own cash.

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5 Great Places To Source Good Quality, Unique Pieces Of Furniture & Homeware At Really Low Prices

If you rent unfurnished, or if you are just starting out in your first home, it can be a really daunting prospect buying all the furniture that you need. You can see why a lot of people go the flat-packed route so they don't plunge into the overdraft; but it is possible to get well made, individual pieces of furniture and homeware at a fraction of the cost. Unlike flat-pack, you will probably still love it in years to come, rather than chuck it out as soon as it needs replacing/you can afford something better.

This week I thought I would share my absolute top 5 tips for sourcing great furniture and homeware at really affordable prices. Unless there is something particular that I REALLY want from the high street, I will always try and source what I need from these five places first. I usually visit each place once or twice a fortnight to see what's new. I also get a total buzz from finding something amazing and unique that costs hardly anything! It's a feeling of being really lucky that it was you who found it, taking total pleasure in what you found, and having absolutely no guilt that it cost you most of your months wages!

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Before & After: Turning My Tired Balcony Into My Own Kitsch Rooftop Botanical Bar For Under £250

When we moved into our current home last year, one of the great things about it was a balcony you accessed from the living room. As we live on a hill it has great views (especially on Fireworks night.) It is also a total suntrap, so I want to utilise it this summer.

Yet before it could become my evening wine drinking haven, this balcony needed some proper DIY love. Its decking was worn and faded, the paint on the balcony doors weathered, but the worst problem was something I couldn't do anything about - wood-rot and damage to the neighbours property that was clearly visible. The balcony needed a tart up, and I needed to cover the neighbours wall damage from view....

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