Create A New Years Eve Table Setting With Christmas Leftovers!

Everyone overbuys at Christmas. "It's best to have too much than not enough" being echoed far and wide in supermarkets across the land, days leading up to the 25th. Yet I feel guilty as Christmas also turns into the season of waste as uneaten fruit and veg goes off, decorations get discarded and stuff with still a bit of life in it gets binned as it no longer serves a purpose. That's why my blog post to you today lovely readers is all about how to create a glam New Years Eve party table setting with all your left over Christmas bits and bobs!

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4 Crafty DIY Decor Ideas For A Wedding Or Party

As August and September seem to be the full on wedding season, I thought I'd share a few wedding DIY's that I have done previously for my own wedding, and the wedding of my friends Jamie and Stacey last year. There is so much cost attached to a wedding, and it's easy to cut corners and make your wedding more personal by crafting certain elements. These decor ideas below can also be used at a party or any event you may be hosting.

Wedding favours and confetti are two things that people often don't bother with as it can be expensive for just a token part of the day. However, if you are anything like me, you'll think it's the little details like this that can take the style of a wedding to the next level. When I got married seven years ago I really wanted good favours on the day, but when I visited a wedding fair beforehand I was pretty aghast to see wedding favours selling for £2 - £3 per favour.  My wedding theme was vintage and I made these vintage-style wedding favour boxes for around £20 in total for 75 people. If I'd have brought them at the wedding fair for 75 it would have set me back £150 - £200!

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