Create A New Years Eve Table Setting With Christmas Leftovers!

Everyone overbuys at Christmas. "It's best to have too much than not enough" being echoed far and wide in supermarkets across the land, days leading up to the 25th. Yet I feel guilty as Christmas also turns into the season of waste as uneaten fruit and veg goes off, decorations get discarded and stuff with still a bit of life in it gets binned as it no longer serves a purpose. That's why my blog post to you today lovely readers is all about how to create a glam New Years Eve party table setting with all your left over Christmas bits and bobs!

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How To Make An Indoor Honeycomb Pom Pom Wreath

It was an absolute honour to recently be asked to write a guest post for the lovely ladies at Mia Fleur. If you have not heard of Mia Fleur, they are an incredible family run business who sell the most beautiful and interesting homeware products! Chances are if you've seen something totally original and quirky for the home, it's come from Mia Fleur.

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Make This Pom-Pom Cushion For Less Than A Tenner!

Whenever I read an interview with a interior designer that I love, the thing that I pick up most from them is that texture and layering are key when it comes to styling a room. Texture comes from using different fabrics- wool, velvet, sheepskin; and laying means dressing the room to be visually stimulating. The easiest way to add texture and layer your room is with the home furnishings, so we are talking cushions, rugs, throws, curtains and so on....

Cushions are amazing as they can change the dynamics of an interior scheme, but are completely non-committal. You know how you can wear a different style outfit each day depending on how you feel? Well cushions act like your sofas clothes - you can add and remove them depending on how you want your room to look that day. Cushions also provide the ideal opportunity to add a fabric/print that you love, but can't afford to add much of in your home (like getting a sofa re-upholstered in a House of Hackney print, or curtains made in Sanderson fabric, which can cost from £50-£100 a metre!) You can buy cut offs, samples and fat quarters on Ebay and at fabric warehouses of expensive fabrics and make your own cushions, which is EASY! Trust me - you don't have to own a sewing machine, you don't even have to be an expert sewer, it's literally all about sewing a few straight lines together....

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How To Style A Child's Nursery (So They Don't Grow Out Of It In 5 Minutes)

Baby is on its way - time to turn that guest bedroom/home office/place you hang damp washing/dumping ground for the hoover and the ironing board into a proper bedroom that you will spend more time in than you ever imagined feeding/nappy changing/begging for your sanity. It will also be frequented by a vast stream of guests, as well as being your new little pals first bedroom where they sleep (hopefully) for their first few years in the world.

Before baby is even here it's hard to imagine them as being anything other than that - a baby. Yet give what seems like 5 minutes and your baby is a proper mini-adult and that pastel room with a farm animals mobile is looking dated and in need of redecoration. It is best to get it right first time round, so take a peek at my simple steps below on how to style a child's bedroom that will take them from age 0 to 8-10...

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