High Street Interior Hero: Zara Home

There has been quite a bit of press around the new furniture collection for H&M Home recently. H&M, whose home accessories collections have always been peppered with well-designed pieces at great value, are branching out into tables and lighting. This is great news. However, I wanted to hone a spotlight on another High Street Interior Hero: Zara Home. I feel like Zara is currently leading the way on the high street for on-trend, affordable women's clothing. Yet, I never feel that they shout about their homeware collection too much, which is a shame as it is one of my favourite places to find well-priced gems. The designs are a bit West Elm, but without really stretching the bank balance like West Elm can do. My particular favourites have always been the side tables, to which I have a number in my home.

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How To Furnish A Small Living Space

It's my utmost belief that even the smallest space can be impeccably stylish. You do not need to own a mansion to create a glorious living space - which is lucky as apparently the average size of a family home in the UK has shrunk by two square metres over the past 10 years. If you rent, chances are that you are currently renting or have rented a flat in a converted property that was once a whole house? If you own your own place, let me guess that you shed a little tear when you saw the average cost of 'price per square metre' of a home in your area, and you had to purchase a smaller space than you had origionally intended?

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Create This Gold & Marble Side Table With This Easy Ikea Hack!

As daft as it sounds, I'd recently brought a new vase that would look perfect in one corner of my living room, but I needed to buy a table to stand the new vase on! I've got some gold and glass side tables in the room which I love, but they are all being used for other purposes (climbing frames and rubbish disposal points mainly, but lets leave that gripe there..)  I needed a table that matched the existing side tables, but looking at brass side tables online I wasn't prepared to part with £60+ to display a £12.50 fake cactus vase.

Sometimes when you need an inexpensive bit of basic furniture there is only one thing for it - Ikea. I searched Ikea's website for a glass topped table and came across the VITTSJO laptop table. This table was perfect as aswell as having a glass top, it has a metal frame which is best for spray painting (and it was only 20 quid!)

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