How I Created My Ikea Billy Bookcase Shelving Hack

As part of my Revamp Restyle Reveal Sitting Room plans, I wanted to get rid of an old display cabinet that was not making the most of the space and create what looked like bespoke bookcase shelving. I had long admired the many amazing Ikea Billy Bookcase hacks that are all over Pinterest, so being on a tiny budget and for the love of DIY, I set about making my own version!

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Customise Your Kitchen Cabinets With Bespoke Fronts By Naked Doors

On my Instagram and under my Pinterest board 'Kitchen Inspo', I had been collecting up and re-gramming these amazing images of kitchens - such as the one below of the most amazing baby blue kitchen with polished gold handles.  It looks so good, right? You'd instantly think it was a completely bespoke, designer-led kitchen costing you 25k plus.

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Before & After: Designing A Low-Budget Bedroom For Two Young Boys

A really fun styling job I have completed recently was to transform a blank room into a bedroom for two very much adored grandchildren for when they come to stay. The boys, aged 6 and 5, are both pretty cool kids, so I wanted to design them a room that was a bit trendy and they wouldn't grow out of too fast. The bedroom as it stood was completely empty, so I needed to buy everything for the boys ready for when they were due to stay in a few weeks time. This included beds, mattresses, bedding, lights and window treatments. As this room was not going to be a room in use everyday, the aim was to create something within a reasonably low budget. To achieve this, I sourced everything for the room from homeware departments in supermarkets, Ikea, and the cheaper end of the high street.

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The Designer Look For Less: Hay x Ikea

We all earmark IKEA as the place to go to get cheap, 'need it right now' furniture that is basic and functional. Yet in recent years IKEA has been moving up a level - working with highly revered designers to create incredible, but still amazingly affordable furniture. After talking briefly to Kit Neale about his SPRIDD collab with IKEA last year, he highlighted that IKEA's quality control meant that his collection with the Swedish power-brand took two years in the making. It is obviously IKEA's dedication to their designs that has attracted top name designers to collaborate with them on design-led, but affordable, collections. The much publicised Tom Dixon collection DELAKTIG will make its way into stores at the beginning of next year, while super-hip French multi-brand retailer Colette are currently working with IKEA on a new partnership.

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Kit Neale for Ikea - A Brief Chat With The Fashion Designer On His SS17 Ltd SPRIDD Collection

If you've got a teenager, a student to kit out before you send them off to uni, or if you are just a fan of bright and trendy prints, then Kit Neale's collaboration with Ikea (on sale next March in the UK) might just be for you. Colourful, bold, and blatantly aimed at the yoof, the 28 year old East London-based fashion designer has worked with Ikea on a limited edition collection titled SPRIDD. The result is a riot of cartoon-like prints of mushrooms, facial features, volcanoes and punctuation marks, with a real early 90's influence. These prints are spread across a range of homeware items such as mugs, plates, cushions and bedlinen, as well as t-shirts, duffel bags and even tents (a first for Ikea).

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Create This Gold & Marble Side Table With This Easy Ikea Hack!

As daft as it sounds, I'd recently brought a new vase that would look perfect in one corner of my living room, but I needed to buy a table to stand the new vase on! I've got some gold and glass side tables in the room which I love, but they are all being used for other purposes (climbing frames and rubbish disposal points mainly, but lets leave that gripe there..)  I needed a table that matched the existing side tables, but looking at brass side tables online I wasn't prepared to part with £60+ to display a £12.50 fake cactus vase.

Sometimes when you need an inexpensive bit of basic furniture there is only one thing for it - Ikea. I searched Ikea's website for a glass topped table and came across the VITTSJO laptop table. This table was perfect as aswell as having a glass top, it has a metal frame which is best for spray painting (and it was only 20 quid!)

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7 Easy, Creative Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Glamorous

Bathrooms, like kitchens, can often be bland, sterile areas of a home. They can also be expensive to change - so if you move in somewhere (rented or purchased) and it's all wipe clean tiles and the fittings are in good condition, it's likely you'll stick with what you've got for a good while. The thing with bathrooms is that ideally you want a bathroom that exudes glamour and luxury. A place to enjoy winding down (with a mag and a large glass of vino in the bath), or a space you enjoy getting ready for the day ahead in.

I've put together 7 easy, simple steps to create the feeling of a more glamorous, luxurious bathroom, with no plumbing or tiling required!

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How To Style A Child's Nursery (So They Don't Grow Out Of It In 5 Minutes)

Baby is on its way - time to turn that guest bedroom/home office/place you hang damp washing/dumping ground for the hoover and the ironing board into a proper bedroom that you will spend more time in than you ever imagined feeding/nappy changing/begging for your sanity. It will also be frequented by a vast stream of guests, as well as being your new little pals first bedroom where they sleep (hopefully) for their first few years in the world.

Before baby is even here it's hard to imagine them as being anything other than that - a baby. Yet give what seems like 5 minutes and your baby is a proper mini-adult and that pastel room with a farm animals mobile is looking dated and in need of redecoration. It is best to get it right first time round, so take a peek at my simple steps below on how to style a child's bedroom that will take them from age 0 to 8-10...

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How To DIY A Cheap As Chips Picture Ledge

A favourite interiors trend of mine in recent years has been display shelving - shelves that are erected in the home not for functional use for storage (such as a book shelf) but for display. Often hashtagging online as a 'shelfie', shelves are used to support art, photos, magazine covers, ornamental objects etc, in a casual display.

Display shelves for photos and art cannot be your bog standard basic flat shelves - the shelves will need to be raised at the front to stop the propped-up artwork sliding down and falling off. You also do not want the shelves to protrude out too much, which would look peculiar when you are displaying thin items.

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