Save Money And Add Character In Your Bathroom By Using Vintage Furniture As A Basin Stand

Bathroom design, unless you have a very large budget, can often be uninspiring. It's very easy to fall into the trap of wanting clean lines and muted neutrals, because we tend to want bathrooms as sanitary, bright spaces. Smaller bathrooms can often end up being completely tiled in one plain design; while bathroom fixtures and fittings are often brought matching each other and therefore lead to a dull & flat space. One great and very cheap way to create an interesting and attractive bathroom is to DIY your own basin stand with vintage furniture.

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Mini Bathroom Makeover: Using Wallpaper In The Bathroom

I have a confession to make. It's a pretty bad one. Yes, I am an award-winning DIY'er, but until just before Christmas I had never put up wallpaper myself. Ever. Putting up wallpaper just seemed like one of those things that was a major headache - air bubbles, matching the pattern, having enough paper. Urgh. Too much stress. I have vague recollections of my parents putting up wallpaper and the difficulty of it causing a lot of bitching and bickering between them as they did it (I now know the reason for this being my mother is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to wallpapering, as I found out papering this bathroom with her.) Anyhow, I couldn't live with this lack of wallpapering experience shame much longer, so decided to give my bathroom a mini-makeover with wallpaper at the end of last year.

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7 Easy, Creative Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Glamorous

Bathrooms, like kitchens, can often be bland, sterile areas of a home. They can also be expensive to change - so if you move in somewhere (rented or purchased) and it's all wipe clean tiles and the fittings are in good condition, it's likely you'll stick with what you've got for a good while. The thing with bathrooms is that ideally you want a bathroom that exudes glamour and luxury. A place to enjoy winding down (with a mag and a large glass of vino in the bath), or a space you enjoy getting ready for the day ahead in.

I've put together 7 easy, simple steps to create the feeling of a more glamorous, luxurious bathroom, with no plumbing or tiling required!

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