Paint Colour Trends For 2020: The New Key Colours To Paint Your House In

As we move into the new season and 2019 starts coming to an end, new colours are released by the paint companies and there is a focus on certain shades which are likely to be popular in 2020. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I consistently bang on about the ‘power of paint’. Yet, with a tin of emulsion and a bit of determination, you can transform an entire room with paint in a couple of days (and all for less than fifty quid.) This is why I look forward to and really enjoy the announcement of certain pivotal hues and the release of new paint collections. It provides a whole new opportunity to give your house a new look, or think about what you want to achieve in your home. This could be creating a calming space, or making it feel more modern.

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Using Treron, One Of The New 9 Farrow & Ball Colours, In My Home.

In September this year the esteemed paint manufacturer Farrow & Ball released 9 brand new colours to take their palette up to 132 hues. Without looking like I am very late to the party, I held off writing about the colours until they had been used in abundance in ‘real homes’. The thing is with Farrow & Ball press images is they are just so good. They hire the best stylists and produce the most amazing pictures, they could probably rub a dog turd on the wall and it would look like a desirable colour to paint your guest bedroom in. What I really wanted to see was how the colours would look in different types of homes and in different settings. Plus, when I received the press pack (which included sample tins of the 9 new shades) there was one colour in particular, Treron, which I flagged for use on the tongue and groove in my bathroom.

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New Year, New Bedroom! Embracing The Maximalism Trend In My Home

According to the interior mags and those 'in-the-know', minimalism is out for 2018 and maximalism - vibrant colours, patterns and a 'more is more' approach - is in. Being much more on the maximalism side than minimalist, I was pleased to hear this as I have just finished decorating my bedroom in Farrow & Ball's new Hegemone wallpaper, and giving my bed a fresh new update in beautiful, luxurious Yves Delorme bed linen.

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Holiday House London With Farrow & Ball

Holiday House London is two ginormous Maida Vale mansions, right next door to each other, which have been completely transformed inside, top-to-toe, by some of the worlds leading interior designers. The mansions act as showhouses for the elite designers, plus some of the best lifestyle brands, to showcase their product and talent.  The houses are then opened up to the public, and all money raised goes towards the prevention and cure of breast cancer. You'll agree that this is an excellent idea and a very worthy cause, but I am going to be completely honest here - I had heard of Holiday House London, but it wasn't something that I thought I would be interested in. I totally wrote it off as a big rich fundraiser for big rich people to showcase the sort of interiors and design that decked out a Kensington pied-à-terre, or a home in upstate New York.

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The New Farrow & Ball Floral Wallpaper Collection (+ I'm In The New F&B Catalogue!!!!!!!!)

OK, so this article is about the new Farrow & Ball wallpaper collection -  BUT!!!  - I have to tell you before I talk about the new floral beauties that a mood board I created around one of the new papers, Helleborus, is featured in the F&B catalogue for the collection. At the start of the year F&B got in touch and asked if I would be interested working with them on promoting the new collection. They would send me a sample of one of the new papers (which was all very hush hush) and asked if I would create a mood board around the paper chosen for me. This would then appear in the new F&B Autumn/Winter inspiration catalogue, sent to customers.

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Before & After: A Budget-Busting Porch Transformation

I can't emphasise enough how paint and a little bit of DIY effort can go a long way in transforming your home. Even if you do not change anything else in the room, a coat of paint a different colour, or a 'freshen up' if the paint work is looking tired, can totally revolutionise a space.

I was recently hired by my first ever client (YAY! Go me!!) to re-vamp her front porch. Mrs A was sick of coming home to her porch the way it looked, and felt it gave a really bad impression to people visiting her home. What she wanted was a pretty (but not fussy), fresh, welcoming, cheery entrance. So - cue photo time - she was currently coming home to this....

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Using paint to update furniture and add pops of strong colour

Do you browse Instagram, Pinterest or interior magazines and ogle peoples rooms that they have painted a dark or a really bright colour? Are you wanting to experiment with these colours in your home, but need to dip your toe in first before making a big commitment? I'm a really big fan of strong colours - bright fushia pinks, inky blues, period greens, dark greys and deep teal colours are a favourite. Yet when it comes to painting a whole room this colour, like you may be, I'm hesitant! I think if it was just me on my own I'd take the plunge, but as the rest of the family have to live with it day in, day out, I just can't bring myself to experiment painting our sunny living room dark (for now, anyway.)

I've recently started painting furniture that I already own in paint colours that I love and want to feature in the house, but haven't yet plucked up the courage to paint the walls with. This is a win-win situation as i'm introducing pops of the colour into my interior scheme, saving money by only requiring a small amount of paint and updating existing furniture rather than replacing it.

If you have moved house and your old furniture doesn't look right in your new place;  perhaps you have brought a new dining table and need your old wood chairs to match; imagine what your existing furniture could look like with in a whole new colour? Or, if you love bright orange, imagine what an orange chair could do to transform your space and make it a focal point? It's easy and budget friendly to update what you already own with paint!


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How To DIY A Cheap As Chips Picture Ledge

A favourite interiors trend of mine in recent years has been display shelving - shelves that are erected in the home not for functional use for storage (such as a book shelf) but for display. Often hashtagging online as a 'shelfie', shelves are used to support art, photos, magazine covers, ornamental objects etc, in a casual display.

Display shelves for photos and art cannot be your bog standard basic flat shelves - the shelves will need to be raised at the front to stop the propped-up artwork sliding down and falling off. You also do not want the shelves to protrude out too much, which would look peculiar when you are displaying thin items.

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Using Spray Paint To Achieve The Luxe, Metallic Trend

The metallics trend within interiors has been really popular for a long while now, and with good reason. Elements of brass, shiny gold and copper add a glamorous feel to your interiors and work especially well against a dark backdrop of inky blues and dark greys, both of which have also been having their renaissance period thanks to designers like Abigail Ahern and the popularity of Farrow and Balls 'Railings' and 'Downpipe' paint. Starting off in lighting (it's my opinion that Tom Dixon's large copper pendants kicked off the metallic trend) metallics have trickled down into multiple products including candle holders, cutlery and decorative objects.

I am a HUGE fan of metallics and I always want to inject them into my home as much as possible without it costing me a lot of money. Luckily, this can easily be done with spray paint which is available at nearly all DIY stores and craft shops. Spray painting is easier than you'd expect and it is quite hard to get it wrong. The result is also more polished than you'd imagine and it can make items look like they were always that colour - not that you'd done a quick DIY job on them!

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