"Get An Absolutely Fabulous Interior, Darling.." - All The Key Interior Pieces From The Movie

A double blog entry for me this week as I was lucky enough to attend the premiere of the Absolutely Fabulous movie last night! To be honest I'm still buzzing today about drinking bolly in the same room as Kylie Minogue, Kelly Hoppen, Kate moss, Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, but I did get over being star-struck enough to lap up all the key interior pieces featured in Eddie's home for 2016.

I'm a huge Ab Fab fan, growing up I dreamed about one day having a beautiful London pad like Eddie as a base to come home to after a drunken party. In the film the layout of the house is still the same but grander, where Eddie has bled ex-husband Mitchell dry for a huge basement excavation....

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How To Style A Child's Nursery (So They Don't Grow Out Of It In 5 Minutes)

Baby is on its way - time to turn that guest bedroom/home office/place you hang damp washing/dumping ground for the hoover and the ironing board into a proper bedroom that you will spend more time in than you ever imagined feeding/nappy changing/begging for your sanity. It will also be frequented by a vast stream of guests, as well as being your new little pals first bedroom where they sleep (hopefully) for their first few years in the world.

Before baby is even here it's hard to imagine them as being anything other than that - a baby. Yet give what seems like 5 minutes and your baby is a proper mini-adult and that pastel room with a farm animals mobile is looking dated and in need of redecoration. It is best to get it right first time round, so take a peek at my simple steps below on how to style a child's bedroom that will take them from age 0 to 8-10...

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