Paint Colour Trends For 2020: The New Key Colours To Paint Your House In

As we move into the new season and 2019 starts coming to an end, new colours are released by the paint companies and there is a focus on certain shades which are likely to be popular in 2020. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I consistently bang on about the ‘power of paint’. Yet, with a tin of emulsion and a bit of determination, you can transform an entire room with paint in a couple of days (and all for less than fifty quid.) This is why I look forward to and really enjoy the announcement of certain pivotal hues and the release of new paint collections. It provides a whole new opportunity to give your house a new look, or think about what you want to achieve in your home. This could be creating a calming space, or making it feel more modern.

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