Styling String Shelves For London Design Festival 2017

I was really honoured to take part in London Design Festival this year, as String Furniture and Skandium joined forces for a brand new series of in-store 'String shelfies'. String & Skandium asked three design bloggers to curate and style a String shelf using products that you can purchase in the very delightful new Skandium store in South Kensington. The styled shelves were to be on display throughout London Design Festival, and guess what? Yup - I was one of the three! The other ladies in question being the delightful Little Big Bell, and one of my favourite bloggers, Design Soda.

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How To DIY A Cheap As Chips Picture Ledge

A favourite interiors trend of mine in recent years has been display shelving - shelves that are erected in the home not for functional use for storage (such as a book shelf) but for display. Often hashtagging online as a 'shelfie', shelves are used to support art, photos, magazine covers, ornamental objects etc, in a casual display.

Display shelves for photos and art cannot be your bog standard basic flat shelves - the shelves will need to be raised at the front to stop the propped-up artwork sliding down and falling off. You also do not want the shelves to protrude out too much, which would look peculiar when you are displaying thin items.

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