Creating A Gold & Teal Geometric Paint Effect In A Hallway

A big mistake that people make with hallways is they think they have to keep them plain and neutral in colour. The fear is that an often narrow space will feel even narrower and enclosed if it is painted anything other than white. The truth is having a hallway in a deep colour will actually make the rooms coming off the hall feel much larger and brighter as you walk into them.

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Holiday House London With Farrow & Ball

Holiday House London is two ginormous Maida Vale mansions, right next door to each other, which have been completely transformed inside, top-to-toe, by some of the worlds leading interior designers. The mansions act as showhouses for the elite designers, plus some of the best lifestyle brands, to showcase their product and talent.  The houses are then opened up to the public, and all money raised goes towards the prevention and cure of breast cancer. You'll agree that this is an excellent idea and a very worthy cause, but I am going to be completely honest here - I had heard of Holiday House London, but it wasn't something that I thought I would be interested in. I totally wrote it off as a big rich fundraiser for big rich people to showcase the sort of interiors and design that decked out a Kensington pied-à-terre, or a home in upstate New York.

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London Design Week 2017 At The Design Centre - Unlocking The Secrets Of Design's DNA

It was my first ever visit to London's highly revered Design Week at the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour this week. I'm an absolute interiors fanatic, but when it comes to design, I'm happy to admit that it is not my complete field of expertise. I have my favourite designers in the interiors world, and dip into design when it really catches my attention, but I would never claim to be a 'design expert'. I was therefore really excited to visit Design Week and be in the centre of so much creative innovation.

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Before & After: Decorating My Living Room Blue

I think that one of the major pro's of being an interiors blogger is the fact that you get invited to press shows to see next seasons furniture and home ware. Just spending my day in interiors shops is a fun day out for me, let alone being able to see and touch not-yet-on-sale furnishings!  One of the big trends for SS17 that I took away from the end of last years press shows was the fact that blue would be big for 2017. Blue velvet sofas and chairs featured a lot. Large backdrops painted in lovely matt blues highlighted the new gold accessories for spring and summer.

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DIY Bird Cage Lamp Shade

If you are reading this post, chances are you've googled 'Graham & Green Bird Shade' after your jaw dropped seeing this quirky, brilliant shade in an interiors magazine or online.  Chances are that your jaw dropped even further when you saw the £375 price tag. For those of you who do not know about this shade feast your eyes on the original design here.

Obviously, as soon as I saw this shade, i wanted it BADLY! It's so original, a massive talking point and I'm a huge sucker for anything with birds on.  But £375 was just far too much for me to part with, especially for a 'shade' that doesn't actually have any functional use as it doesn't actually shade anything! I knew there must be a way to DIY this and so after some research I set about creating my own version. I have to say I have had this in my home now for a few years and visitors love it, more importantly, I love it, and it cost me around £40 in total to make...

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Using Spray Paint To Achieve The Luxe, Metallic Trend

The metallics trend within interiors has been really popular for a long while now, and with good reason. Elements of brass, shiny gold and copper add a glamorous feel to your interiors and work especially well against a dark backdrop of inky blues and dark greys, both of which have also been having their renaissance period thanks to designers like Abigail Ahern and the popularity of Farrow and Balls 'Railings' and 'Downpipe' paint. Starting off in lighting (it's my opinion that Tom Dixon's large copper pendants kicked off the metallic trend) metallics have trickled down into multiple products including candle holders, cutlery and decorative objects.

I am a HUGE fan of metallics and I always want to inject them into my home as much as possible without it costing me a lot of money. Luckily, this can easily be done with spray paint which is available at nearly all DIY stores and craft shops. Spray painting is easier than you'd expect and it is quite hard to get it wrong. The result is also more polished than you'd imagine and it can make items look like they were always that colour - not that you'd done a quick DIY job on them!

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