An Evening Of Paper Cutting With Poppy's Papercuts: How To Create Paper Cut Art

Unsurprisingly, I love trying out new crafts. Creating paper cut artwork was something that I had never done, so when G . F Smith invited me to a paper cutting workshop with Poppy Chancellor (paper cutting artist and illustrator du jour) to celebrate their quest to discover the world's favourite colour, I jumped at the opportunity.

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Style Challenge With The VITA Copenhagen Silvia Mini Create

A little while ago my lovely friend Jenny from the award-winning Seasons In Colour blog got in touch and said "You're crafty, fancy a styling challenge in collaboration with the VITA copenhagen Silvia Mini Create?" Now the VITA copenhagen Silvia is quite iconic. The fanned 'leaves' create that globe artichoke effect that is unmistakably Danish in design. VITA copenhagen have manifested this design from it's original white form to also be available in a choice of metallics and a 'mini' version for table/floor lamps. The latest version is a DIY project, whereby the leaves are made from watercolour paper that can be drawn or painted on to create your very own lighting design.

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Make This Pretty Pressed Flower Art Quickly With An Iron

When I was younger I remember pressing flowers by sticking them inside a heavy book, then putting them in the airing cupboard for 3-4 weeks. I've only recently found out you can actually press flowers really quickly using an iron! I brought one of those cute brass and glass hanging frames in the January sales and I wanted to put pressed flowers inside. I decided to give the iron trick a go, and it totally worked!

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Make This Pom-Pom Cushion For Less Than A Tenner!

Whenever I read an interview with a interior designer that I love, the thing that I pick up most from them is that texture and layering are key when it comes to styling a room. Texture comes from using different fabrics- wool, velvet, sheepskin; and laying means dressing the room to be visually stimulating. The easiest way to add texture and layer your room is with the home furnishings, so we are talking cushions, rugs, throws, curtains and so on....

Cushions are amazing as they can change the dynamics of an interior scheme, but are completely non-committal. You know how you can wear a different style outfit each day depending on how you feel? Well cushions act like your sofas clothes - you can add and remove them depending on how you want your room to look that day. Cushions also provide the ideal opportunity to add a fabric/print that you love, but can't afford to add much of in your home (like getting a sofa re-upholstered in a House of Hackney print, or curtains made in Sanderson fabric, which can cost from £50-£100 a metre!) You can buy cut offs, samples and fat quarters on Ebay and at fabric warehouses of expensive fabrics and make your own cushions, which is EASY! Trust me - you don't have to own a sewing machine, you don't even have to be an expert sewer, it's literally all about sewing a few straight lines together....

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Using Spray Paint To Achieve The Luxe, Metallic Trend

The metallics trend within interiors has been really popular for a long while now, and with good reason. Elements of brass, shiny gold and copper add a glamorous feel to your interiors and work especially well against a dark backdrop of inky blues and dark greys, both of which have also been having their renaissance period thanks to designers like Abigail Ahern and the popularity of Farrow and Balls 'Railings' and 'Downpipe' paint. Starting off in lighting (it's my opinion that Tom Dixon's large copper pendants kicked off the metallic trend) metallics have trickled down into multiple products including candle holders, cutlery and decorative objects.

I am a HUGE fan of metallics and I always want to inject them into my home as much as possible without it costing me a lot of money. Luckily, this can easily be done with spray paint which is available at nearly all DIY stores and craft shops. Spray painting is easier than you'd expect and it is quite hard to get it wrong. The result is also more polished than you'd imagine and it can make items look like they were always that colour - not that you'd done a quick DIY job on them!

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